When you’re a buying a house, you probably want to work with someone who is experienced, well-versed in the local real estate, and will actually go the extra mile to get you the absolute best price for your home. Lucky for you, you can have ME working for YOU.

From years of flipping homes, construction experience and representing our buyers and sellers, to our first-hand knowledge of the area, we take our diverse experience and use it to your advantage. Here’s what I do to bring to the table when you choose to work with me:


When you’re buying a house, our keen eye for detail will provide you with an educated home purchase now and a profitable home sale in the future. I can easily evaluate what can be done in a home to improve its value and raise the return on your investment.  I will highlight a property’s strengths or identify its weaknesses to ensure that you will have a sound investment for you and your family for many years to come.


There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to buying a house in Winnipeg. Which is why whether you’re buying for the first time, moving up, or looking to ‘right size’,  I will  tailor our process specifically to you. At our first meeting, I take the time to really get to know what kind of home, timeline, and process will work best for you.


When you’re buying a house in Winnipeg, I treat the decision as if it were my own. Some Realtors® might not see the value in negotiating a couple hundred dollars more for your home, but I know that it means something to you. That’s why I'll go the extra mile to negotiate those extra dollars and ensure that you’re paying the best possible price.


My dedication to a transparent client-agent relationship starts from the very beginning. I am  not only open and honest with the possible costs associated with buying a home, I will even encourage you to interview other agents before deciding to work with me.

Unconventional? Maybe. But it will give you a chance to determine who you like and who you don’t. You’ll be spending a lot of time with your real estate agent, so it’s important that you trust them to help you find the ideal property and to represent your best interests.


I believe that some things in life should remain a mystery, but who you’re selling your home with shouldn’t be one of them. From day one,  I focus on building a strong relationship based on transparency, communication, and knowledge, so you feel completely comfortable and confident with me.

Here’s what you can expect when you’re selling your home with me:


If you’re looking for a cookie-cutter experience, look elsewhere. Or, stick with me and I’ll show you why a completely customized approach to selling is the only way I operate. Whether you’re downsizing for retirement or moving up from a condo, you can look forward to a process that reflects your unique motivations, plans, and needs, at every step.


When you’re selling your home in Winnipeg or in Manitoba with me, you’ll have a clear understanding of what your home is worth, what can be done to raise its value, and what the best plan of action is to get the highest return on your investment. By drawing from our objective evaluations, experience in home renovations, and dedication to accountability, we will never steer you wrong.


In real estate, marketing is always evolving–and we evolve with it. Whether it’s keeping up with the latest technology and trends or tailoring your marketing plan to your one-of-a-kind property, we make sure to  go above and beyond to make sure your home reaches all of the right buyers, at the right time. High-quality home tours, photography, and drone videos will be shared on our website, on the MLS, and across various social media platforms including Instagram and Facebook. Digital ads, print ads, and brochures will be sent out to targeted demographics, and Open House and Coming Soon campaigns will make sure your home can’t be missed.  I pride myself in keeping current and ahead of market trends to deliver the best possible results to my clients.


Where do you see yourself in two years? Five years? What about 25 years from now? No matter what your short term or long-term goals are, I am here to help you reach them. Whether it’s suggesting home improvements to help you reach maximum value or recommending professionals to help once you move into your next home, I am here for the long haul.

Selling With Me

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When you buy with me, you buy with confidence.

You’ll get expert insight and an enjoyable home-buying process.

"Kristina went above and beyond the regular duties and made sure we understood all aspects of the purchase of our property in order to

build a new house."

Lucy J.